Redwood Summer Chapter 14 (repost)

Finally completed rewrite of chapter 14 of Redwood Summer, a novel 1990 San Jose.  This chapter is mostly an interior monologue as Jason, the main character, recovers from a hangover and reflects on the fraying relationship with his best friend Randy, the misery of his current work situation, and dread for the future.

Redwood Summer also parallels the history of its setting, and the crises in Jason’s life can also be a metaphor for changes happening at that time as euphoria over the end of the Cold War gave way to a new tension as America became enmeshed in the Iraqi/Kuwaiti dispute which would lead to Persian Gulf War I and the current Mideast situation.

Click link below to read rewritten chapter.

via Redwood Summer Chapter 14

And here’s link to the entirety of redwood Summer.


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