Fibbing Friday (11/15/19)

This Fibbing Friday prompt from pcguyiv was inspired by Veteran’s Day.  Link below:

I did my best to ask the 10 questions untruthfully while respecting the solemnity of Veteran’s Day.

  1. What are the halls of Montezuma?   Famous brand of throat lozenges
  2. What happened on the shores of Tripoli?   Shark attack
  3. What is a caisson?   A casino to a dyslexic
  4. Veterans Day is on a fixed date (always November 11th), but Memorial Day is on a specific day (always the last Monday of May). Why?   Veterans Day makes a plan and sticks to it, whereas Memorial Day is like the person who goes to the market for a loaf of bread, end up buying a bunch of other items, then gets home and realizes they forgot the bread
  5. How did US Marines get the nickname, Jarheads?   Their helmets screw on like lids
  6. How did the term, Dogface become a nickname for someone in the US Infantry?   The first US Infantry were actual dogs
  7. Why was the Sherman tank so named?   They leave a path of destruction in their wake, especially when they’re heading toward Atlanta
  8. What is “Old Ironsides”?   TV show that starred Raymond Burr
  9. What was Custer’s Last Stand all about?   Camping trip gone wrong
  10. Why are air-to-air battles called dogfights?   Catfights sounded ridiculous

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