Novel Recommendation: The Dead End

I recently finished a novel called The Dead End by British author Ellie Scott. Despite the grim title it’s a very enjoyable read, and the first novel I’ve read on Kindle. The story begins with 20 year old Maddy Ward discovering that she has just died after being ran over by a car. Admittedly a dark beginning, then the ghost of her father who died two years earlier shows up to escorts her to the afterlife. But there’s no eternal rest for Maddy. Instead she finds herself in a complex afterlife of structure, hierarchy, new adventures, danger, deception, and a continuance of her parent’s conflicts played out by their ghosts. Maddy struggles to bring the hereafter back into balance and comes to realize her destiny by story’s end. An intricately detailed, compelling, and heartfelt novel with vivid characters, lively prose, and whole new look at the afterlife.

And a perfect read for the upcoming Halloween season!

Here’s the link:

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