Fibbing Friday (10/16/20)

(Here I go again with another Fibbing Friday post going against my parents’ hopes for me to be an honest person (sorry Mom and Dad). But on the plus side these fibbing forays have sharpened my writing skills and making stuff up skills. This one was prompted by pcguyiv, and hopefully my answers are preposterous, amusing, and most importantly, false. Link below.)

  1. What musical group from the 1960s was known as “The Fab Four”? The Jackson Five
  2. What was the “British Invasion” in the 1960s? Monty Python’s Amphibious Assault of America and the Retaking of the Colonies: Roanoke 2, Electric Boogaloo
Monty Python and the unseen 'amorous pink Knight'
  1. What is Stephen King’s book, The Stand about? About 800 pages (first version)
  2. What was the TV show, Breaking Bad about? A mild mannered high school teacher has family issues (okay, this isn’t exactly a lie, but it leaves it out some very pertinent details)
  3. Exactly who was Kilroy? Subway flasher
  4. What musical instrument is Phil Collins best known for playing? Glockenspiel
The Rolling Stones | Rock 'n' Roll Reviews and Trivia
  1. According to Genesis 1, what happened on the seventh day? God made that announcer who shouts out “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” on monster truck commercials
  2. What happened at the O.K. Corral? Picnic
  3. According to Greek mythology, what was needed to cross the river Styx? Thoughts and prayers
  4. What was the play, Inherit the Wind about? The reading of a last will and testament that has some rather humorous bequeathments, though the heirs don’t find them funny

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