99 Word Prompt: Deep Wishes

(A flash fiction piece prompted by Carrot Ranch. Subject: deep wishes. I utilized the genie inside of a magic lamp trope and gave it an ending I don’t recall ever seeing in a three wishes story. Link below.)

“Oh boy! A magic genie! I want a billion dollars, a new pickup truck, and a hot girlfriend!”

“Patience, I’ve been stuck inside of a lamp, and I haven’t even offered you any wishes yet.”

“But don’t I get three wishes?”

“Of course, but you should think deeper about what you really want.”

The man pondered. “You know what I would really like, to go back to the last time I was truly happy.”


The man was walking down the street then noticed a shiny object. “Hey, one of those magic lamps with a wish granting genie inside!”

Β©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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