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Originally from San Jose, California, currently living in Santa Cruz for the past two plus decades, and over the years I’ve worked at a variety of jobs in order to support my writing habit.  There are many reasons why I write, but the main one is I enjoy it.  My style is heightened realism and my focus is on the Bay Area, but my themes are universal.  In 2016 I became a producer at Community Television of Santa Cruz where I staged and broadcast a number of my one act plays.  Currently I’m looking to publish my novel Redwood Summer (a story of 1990 San Jose), searching for a theater company willing to produce one of my full length stage plays, and helping a friend with a screenplay while writing one of my own.  Click links on menu to peruse my writings.

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29 thoughts on “About/Tip Jar

  1. Hello Robert ~

    I love your blog here on WordPress and so am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger Award!!

    Congrats and Enjoy! You do have an exceptional site ~ and I so enjoy your work and insights!


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  2. I am Krishna Prasad from Chennai, India. I blog as chithankalai since my pseudonym is chithan. I just launched, on 17th instant, a literary journal, both in print and digital formats. The Wagon Magazine. Please visit the digital version at: http://thewagonmagazine.com/ . In my editorial I have penned the motive behind this venture. As I have mentioned in my editorial, creative works from the east should be read in the west and vice versa. I would like to reproduce your fiction, particularly the 10 minute play with your permission and of course with due credits and links which you can find in the mag-site. Please you can correspond at: thewagonmagazine@gmail.com. Looking forward to your response, thanking, Prasad

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    1. Thank you again, Hamangi! I should update my profile because I recently left my job of 16 years to save my sanity and to work on my TV show and other writings.
      And all the best to you with your writing, it is a labor of ❤ !


      1. I’m producing my show at Community TV of Santa Cruz and it’s a live broadcast drama anthology show. Each episode is its own stage play, and they are performed in front of cameras and mics while being live broadcast. The first two episodes are on my Pacific Television Theater page so you can watch them if you’d like.
        Thank you for all your kind words of support, very appreciated! 🙂


  3. Oops, I was just in the middle of writing to you, Robert, when I had a technical glitch and the page closed. Ok! I was saying that you remind me (re your show) of my ex-sister-in-law’s nephew. (Don’t sweat that! lol) His name is Paul Shore, and he is here: http://www.montrealfilmgroup.com/Paul_Shore_Bio.html and also here: http://www.paulshore.net/
    Maybe you should talk to each other! He’s a great guy to know, in whatever capacity. Take care! Oh, and thanks for the likes!!

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  4. Just to follow up on our FB conversation–you found that backhoe image on the web, no other info? and decided it was too modern for 1964? It looks pretty archetypal to me, true to my much older memories. Thanks for whatever info you can give me, Gayle
    (nice blog, by the way)

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