99 Word Prompt: Optimism

(Had to take part in the Carrot Ranch prompt because optimism is so rife with options on how to tackle the theme. Optimism is a hope bordering on blind faith in the face of the hopeless gloom of reality. Optimism can be a force for uplift but too much can make you not see dangers on the road ahead. Link Below.)

“I tell ya, times are tougher than ever. Flood waters have wiped out most of my property, my insurance won’t cover the damages, my family can’t help me, my friends are even worse off than I am, and my job is hanging on by a thread. And when you look at the big picture, the climate is going crazy, democracy is under attack, the struggle to get by is as hard as ever, and there are no solutions on the horizon. Needless to say I weep for the future of humanity.”

“So why are you smiling?”

“I’m an optimist!”

©️2023 Robert Kirkendall


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