Fibbing Friday (11/22/19)

Another Fibbing Friday prompt from pensitivity101, as usual 10 questions have to answered in as untruthful a way as possible.  I will do my best to be dishonest.

1. Calendar Girls featured what organisation?   Kurdish Liberation Army
2. What is a limpet?   A small limp, not caused by injury but by drunkenness
3. Who is famous for saying ‘I didn’t do it?’   Robert Blake
4. What does S W A T stand for?  Sex With Albino Transvestites
5. What’s kept in The Tower of London?   The preserved corpse of Graham Chapman
6. What does running on the spot achieve?   Bone spurs
7. What is a busby?   A busboy who can’t spell
8. What is cinder toffee?   Cinderella’s even more pathetic assistant
9. Who is Old Father Time?   The late, great Redd Foxx
10. Who shot JR?   Cliff Clavin (he finally went ‘postal’ 😀 )


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