Fibbing Friday (8/28/20)

(Once again I’m filling out another Fibbing Friday questionnaire, this one prompted by pesitivity 101. The theme covers a number of subjects, and I hope I answered them as untruthfully as I could. Link below.)

1.  What is the difference between a gooseberry and a grape? No one knows where gooseberries come from, or even if they’re real
2.  What is meant by skid row? A street covered in skid marks, from illegal drag racing, not the other disgusting way
3.  Why do elephants have big ears? From wearing heavy earrings
4.  What is green and travels at thousands of miles an hour? Kermit the Frog flying through the air when Miss Piggy slugs him after she catches him eating bacon

5.  What is the difference between minimum and maximum? Depends upon the competency of your defense attorney

6.  What is a pantry? When you try to put pants on someone who refuses to put them on, usually a small child or a drunk
7.  What is a carnivore?
A carnival worker with missing teeth
8.  What is another word for oriental?
Where I come from that refers to a rug and nothing else…nothing…else
9.  What is the difference between pussy willow and catkins?
Not sure about their differences but the both of them are often chased up trees by dogberries
10. What is a felony?
If you don’t know, you’ve never committed one and you don’t know anyone who has

12 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday (8/28/20)

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