Fibbing Friday (11/26/21)

(More Fibbing Friday perfidiousness, this edition courtesy of pensitivity101. The theme of this one is roll, or role, both of these homophonous words appear in the 10 questions. Link below.)

  1. What is rolling stock? Grade of cannabis suitable for joints
How to Roll a Joint | Cool Material
  1. What is a rolling deck? A deck chair on wheels
Hoverboard owner adds deck chair to wheels to ride to create Hovercart | Daily Mail Online
  1. What is role play? What couples do to keep their relationship fresh and exciting
Weird World: Woman quits job as broker to become full-time dominatrix - The Sauce
  1. What is ‘on a roll’? What compulsive gamblers say they are just before they lose everything
  2. What does a rolling stone gather? Fame, adoration, women, money, drugs…an enviable life
  3. What is a rolling boil? A skin eruption that moves around the body instead of staying in one place; also called a roving zit, a traveling pustule, and an itinerant carbuncle
  4. What is a rolling pin? The iconic weapon of angry housewives since time immemorial
Vector Clip Art of Retro Angry Wife Beating Her Husband with a Rolling Pin by Prawny Vintage ...
  1. What is a steam roller? If it’s of the Cleveland variety, you don’t want to know
  2. What is a roller coaster? Device for inducing vomiting
Roller Coaster Puke - Picture | eBaum's World
  1. What is a roller skate? Another option for buffoonery/self harm

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