Picture From Nisene Marks

I didn’t have to work last May 4th, so I decided to take the bus out to Aptos along with my bicycle. Once there I rode into The Forest of Nisene Marks, a majestic state park of second growth redwoods, meandering waterways, and plenty of hiking trails with lovely views. I rode up Aptos Creek Road, the main path into the park, on my street bike with rim brakes and no shocks wondering if I had made a safe choice as I saw other bicyclists on sturdily built mountain bikes with front and back shock absorbers and superior disc brakes. Then I saw a bicyclist on a skinny 10 speed with no off road capabilities and I didn’t feel so bad.

I took some pictures with my iPhone but not a lot because I didn’t want to interrupt my ride too many times. The picture below is best of the lot, I took it as I was biking back to the entrance.

I like the vertical halo effect of the sun, a feature I didn’t notice until I got home and looked at my pictures, a happy accident. And as I was taking the picture a friendly bicyclist cheerfully mentioned the beautiful scenery as she was riding by me. After I took the picture and got back on my bike, I tried to see if I could catch up but she was too fast for me. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. πŸ™‚

Β©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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