99 Word Prompt: Blossom

(This particular Carrot Ranch prompt has special meaning because it relates to the San Jose neighborhood where I grew up. But as you can tell from my story it’s a neighborhood that’s had several names, has been populated by different peoples, and is far different now than what it was in its agricultural past. Link below.)

July 2: Flash Fiction

“Welcome to newest San Jose housing development, Blossom Valley!” said the realtor.

The potential home buyers looked around.  “I thought we were in Santa Teresa,” one of them said.

“I thought it was Oak Grove,” another said.

“It’s Rancho Santa Teresa if you want to go way back,” said a third.

“But we’re calling it Blossom Valley now!” the realtor insisted.

“Says who?”

“Well, the developers,” the realtor answered.

“Sounds like something from Madison Avenue.”

“So corporate!”

“Hey! Let’s tear it down and turn it back into farmland!”


They advanced upon the development.

“Wait, wait!” the realtor pleaded.


©2020 Robert Kirkendall

6 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: Blossom

  1. I LOVE this reversal! I recently spoke to a relative who still lives in Tres Pinos and she says the development is going crazy. Imagine tearing it all down to return the fruit orchards, hay fields and cattle ranchos.

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