At The Crossroads: A Poem

(This poem came to me yesterday as I was working on final chapter of my novel which takes place in 1990 and considering how it coincided with what’s happening now. Like all my poems it is rare, spontaneous, unpolished, and formless.)

At the crossroads

We are

Not only a fork in the road

But a path forward

And another backward

One into a future

Of equality, enlightenment

Knowledge, compassion, unity

The other back to a past

Of greed, self serving,

Ignorance, intolerance, persecution

We are at the battle within

Our dark past

Asserting itself

Loudly and proudly

Appealing to the basest of instincts

To keep its ebbing power

By embracing falsehoods

As if they were sacred truisms

And corrupting the soul

What does it take

To fight the good fight

To overcome

The oppressive gloom

Of belligerent know-nothingness

To pilot the ship of hope

Over the sea of stupidity

To fight hatred

Without giving in to hate.

©️2022 Robert Kirkendall

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