Writing Prompt: Mischievous Waters

This is a 100 word piece of flash fiction prompted by Go Dog Go Cafe.  The prompt is mischievous waters.  I decided to write about water balloons, because what’s more mischievous than a water balloon prank?  Read and find out.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, September 3, 2019

The army of pranksters, each with a bucket of water balloons, gathered around the house in the middle of the night.  They placed themselves at various spots in the front yard.  The leader gave the signal, then everyone picked up a water balloon and  hurled them at the house.  As they splattered they each grabbed more balloons, threw them at the house, and drenched its exterior.

Then one balloon in the hail splattered and left a giant paint splotch on the house.

“Hey!” the leader shouted.  “Water balloons only!”

“Ooops,” the paint balloon thrower said, “got a little carried away.”

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