99 Word Prompt: Optimism

(Had to take part in the Carrot Ranch prompt because optimism is so rife with options on how to tackle the theme. Optimism is a hope bordering on blind faith in the face of the hopeless gloom of reality. Optimism can be a force for uplift but too much can make you not see dangers … Continue reading 99 Word Prompt: Optimism

Fibbing Friday (9/2/22)

(I've returned to Fibbing Friday! Mendacity and delusion continue to haunt us so now's the time to revisit this forum dedicated to deception. No theme for the 10 questions, but that's okay, I can lie whether the lies are uniform or separate. Link below to original post, from pensitivity101.) https://pensitivity101.wordpress.com/2022/09/02/fibbing-friday-2nd-september/ 1. What is a bandana? … Continue reading Fibbing Friday (9/2/22)

Fibbing Friday (3/11/22)

(Back to Fibbing Friday deceptions, this one prompted by pcguy, subject is music of various genres, and I will lie about all of them. Link below.) https://pcguyiv.wordpress.com/2022/03/11/fibbing-friday-march-11th-2022/ What is Mick Jagger known for? His quiet, dull, unexciting lifestyle What do Ronnie Milsap and Stevie Wonder have in common? They exchange groupiesWhat was the rock musical, … Continue reading Fibbing Friday (3/11/22)

99 Word Prompt: The ’49ers

(Flash fiction piece prompted by Carrot Ranch. The theme of '49ers is topical because the American football team in San Francisco with the same name just lost the NFC title game to their Los Angeles rivals, so I tied that into the historical '49ers who came to California during the gold rush. Link below.) https://carrotranch.com/2022/01/31/january-31-story-challenge-in-99-words/Continue reading 99 Word Prompt: The ’49ers

Fibbing Friday (1/28/22)

(More Fibbing Friday falsehoods, this one prompted by pcguyiv, no single theme, just random subjects. Link below.) https://pcguyiv.wordpress.com/2022/01/28/fibbing-friday-january-28th-2022/ What is Lizzie Borden known for? Severing parental ties in a most drastic wayWhat did the man known as D.B. Cooper do? After getting some bad airplane food he did what he always did in such circumstances, … Continue reading Fibbing Friday (1/28/22)