Fibbing Friday (8/7/20)

(Taking part in another Fibbing Friday, as prompted by pcguyiv. This one is a little different because instead of questions requiring false answers, this one features words requiring false definitions. I like this twist, and it shows that the celebration and promotion of lies can take other forms. Link below to original post below.)

  1. kinetoscope:  masturbation aid for the blind
  2. lugubrious:  industrial grade sex lubricant
  3. maudlin:  Karl Maudlin, star of Broadway, Hollywood, and the 1970s Muslim family sitcom The Shi’ites of San Francisco
  4. numismatics:  mathematics for numbskulls
  5. opulence:  when you take your Opel off road, crash, and need an ambulance Opel2
  6. prepubescence:  one’s appearance after a full body shaving
  7. quixotic:  to be quick, exotic, and erotic simultaneously
  8. recumbent:  ceiling harness                                                                                                        dabney9to5
  9. stereoscope:  the radio broadcast of the Scopes Monkey Trial
  10. turgid:  side effect of too much Viagra


©2020 Robert Kirkendall

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