Screenplay Finished!

In April of 2019 I posted about a new project of mine, a screenplay about a person who is trying to escape from Santa Cruz, link below for more details about the plot.

At the time I posted about the screenplay it was 60 pages long and in its early planning stages.  By last summer/fall I hit the 90 page mark, but then I had trouble figuring out how to write the ending, so I put it aside and worked on it occasionally.  Slowly I figured out how to tie up all the various story lines and come to a satisfactory conclusion.  Now, at 98 pages, it is finally complete down to the closing credits shot.  Next comes minor rewrites to tighten down the script and the search for interested backers and a producer.

My project does have a working title, a line of dialogue from the script that sums up the plot, and I’d like to announce it but I’m superstitious about sharing it right now for various reasons.  Hopefully this project will move forward and accumulate more interested people, then I’ll feel better about sharing the title.  I would like to direct it myself and shoot it in Santa Cruz, but that’s further down the road.  I did write the it to be a crowd pleaser, and I hope it ends up being a big hit.


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8 thoughts on “Screenplay Finished!

    1. Thanks, Ellie! I’ll post updates as the project moves forward. I’ve already envisioned the opening shot, a close up of a bottle of wine being poured into three glasses against a background of a beautiful sunset over the Pacific Ocean. 🍷🍷🍷🌞

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