Fibbing Friday (4/24/20)

(Once again accepting the invite to be a lying, deceiving scoundrel, courtesy of pesitivity101.  I was busy on some other projects so I wasn’t going to take part, until I read the post and ideas were set off in the deceitful part of my mind.  Link below.)

1. What’s the difference between nuts and crazy?   Degree of success
2. What’s the difference between Lock Up and Lock Down   Degree of oppression
3. Where did the phrase ‘In the pink’ originate?   Porn
4. How do you find your bearings?   By going into the wild, where you’ll also find wolfings, deerings, and elkings
5.. What makes a phone smart?   Blocks telemarketers
6. What is an hour glass figure?   The result of crash dieting, or cholera
7. Bruce Wayne was also known as ???   A total manwhore
8. A stitch in time saves what?   Not much during this economic collapse
9. What is Fairy Snow?   Slang for cocaine at the Disney studios
10. Can you read a knitting pattern?   Sure, if it’s knitted in English

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