99 Word Prompt: Paint

The latest Carrot Ranch 99 word flash fiction.  This one was about paint, and after thinking back to some college parties I finally figured out how to write about it.

June 27: Flash Fiction Challenge

Mateo dabbed his thin brush onto his pallet, swirled around some blue paint, then applied it gingerly.  His quick brushstrokes made lines, swirls, and other interesting shapes.  He then rinsed the brush in water, dabbed it into the orange paint, and made more brushstrokes.

Someone came up behind Mateo and watched him work.  “Very skilled,” he admired.

“Thank you,” Mateo said.  “My best work yet.”

“But I don’t think he’s going to be too happy when he wakes up.”

“Then he shouldn’t have been the first to pass out at this party!”  Mateo continued painting on the unconscious person.

13 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: Paint

  1. Dangerous to be the first one out at a college party or after a rugby game! You never know what your buddies will consider a “masterpiece.” Fun interpretation of the party life, Robert!

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