Ironic Affirmations

Not long ago I figured out how to add text to pictures using the GIMP program (my desktop runs on Linux) and I’ve been having a fun time taking familiar phrases and twisting them around. It’s similar to my Thought For the Day posts, but with beautiful nature shots to contrast against my ironic verbiage, a spoof of pictures that feature sunsets and platitudes of uplift. All these pictures were taken in Seaside, Oregon by Kerry Hackett. All text, except for the passages from the Bible or Shakespeare, by me.

This lovely sunset picture with just enough clouds sea birds in the foreground is the perfect image to start this absurd procession.
I initially wrote these inspiring words for one of my Thought For the Day posts, and I thought they were a fine fit for this gloriously orange and yellow sunset picture.
I first posted this pick-me-up on Instagram, but for some reason it hasn’t got any likes.
Sure, it’s better to follow the golden rule and not be judgemental, but haven’t we all been frustrated this kind of thoughtless behavior?
Another beautiful, Biblical themed sunset picture with perfectly matching sentiment.
A Shakespeare inspired caption for this image, but doesn’t this picture look spectacular? Like a scene from a David Lean epic.
From an early draft of Hamlet, Polonious was originally going to be a total sleaze before being rewritten into a complete idiot.

Hope you enjoyed these, and if you didn’t, share them with someone who does have a sense of humor. 😁

Β©2022 Robert Kirkendall

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