Funhouse – One Act Comedy

Here is the video of Funhouse that was also linked in my previous post, staged by Manhattan Repertory Theatre with three other one act plays at the Chain Theatre on W 36th St near 8th Ave. This is link to digital program.

This was my first live production in New York and seeing my words performed in America’s theater capitol brought me a feeling of satisfied accomplishment!

©2022 Robert Kirkendall

9 thoughts on “Funhouse – One Act Comedy

    1. Dear Robert,

      I concur with magickmermaid. This is a lovely production and it seems to be very well-rehearsed.

      I noticed that the camera angle is somewhat odd in being quite high and recorded from the side.

      Thank you very much for sharing with us your latest one-act comedy.

      Yours sincerely,

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      1. Thank you, Sound Eagle! The theater company set up a single stationary camera to record all four plays. If I was in charge of the video I would have set up three cameras and edit all the footage together, but that’s easier to do in a TV studio than in a theater. I’ve done it before when I staged some of my short plays as live broadcasts at Community TV of Santa Cruz.

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