99 Word Prompt: Growing Older

“Grandma, tell us about the time before television.”

Grandma leaned back in her rocking chair nostalgically. “Ah yes, the Golden Age of Radio. Every night the family would get together and listen to Jack Benny, Bob Hope, or Edgar Bergen.  Those were the days; good, clean wholesome entertainment.”

“Ever want to go back, Grandma?”

Grandma sat back up. “Hundreds of channels, On Demand, Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, podcasts…this is a new platinum age of entertainment. You really think I want to go back to listening to some old, tinny AM radio when everything was repressed and censored?  Hell no!”

11 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: Growing Older

  1. Grandma has a good point! I had to go read Almaden, again. More of a nostalgia for all the changes that came in the 1960s, but hints of progress and comforts to be had. That’s one of my favorite short stories you wrote.

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    1. Thank you, Charli! Much appreciated 🙂 I had been carrying around the idea for Almaden for years, but it was reading first hand accounts of the old days on Facebook history of Santa Clara Valley web pages that finally inspired me to write the story. I also made a few changes to Almaden recently that hopefully were improvements.


  2. Interesting story. Interesting programs still air on the radio, but we of this age look down on it as source of entertainment and news but people of the radio age still kept their radio by their sides and feel very happy when listening to the old school music and other programs

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