99 Word Prompt: The Edge

January 25: Flash Fiction Challenge

Terry looked over the screenplay he was cowriting and hoped that the alteration he made would be acceptable.  He went to the director.

“There’s something about the script I think should change,” Terry said.

“Which part?”

“The title.”

“The title?  What’s wrong with Edge of Doom?”

“Well, it’s a bit clichéd.”

“But it matches the theme perfectly!” the director asserted.

“True, but I was thinking of something a little more imaginative.”  Terry handed over the rewritten script.

The director looked at the title page.  “Seriously?” he laughed.  “Who’s going to want to watch a movie called Dr. Strangelove“?


16 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: The Edge

    1. Thank you, Michael! Strangelove was originally going to be a thriller, but the more Kubrick worked on the script, the funnier it became. And once Terry Southern was brought on to cowrite, it crossed over into absurdist black comedy. One of my favorites.

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  1. Hopefully they’ll appreciate the brilliance of Peter Sellers, the genius film making of Stanley Kubrick, and the power of laughter even in the grimmest of scenarios.
    Now I want children so I can share with them my favorite movies.

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