Fibbing Friday (3/27/20)

(After missing the last few Fibbing Fridays for various reasons I’m back at it again.  This one is posted by pensitivity101.  It doesn’t appear to have a theme, but I WD-40ed my rusty deceiving skills and answered the questions with all the bad faith I could muster.  Link to original post below.)

1. What was the significance of the little white dot on the TV screen at 11 pm?   It’s a subliminal mind control device.  Look away!
2. Who were the Woodentops?   A clean cut boy band from the 1950s that fell into a life of drug fueled debauchery in the ’60s and then all joined cults in the ’70s
3. What is meant by the Gravy Train?   It means that the Gravy Boat has docked and unloaded its precious freight
4. Who sang about flowers in the rain?   Someone who has never attended a monster truck rally
5. What do the initials MP stand for?   Massive prick
6. What was Jiminy Cricket’s job?   Trafficking stolen merchandise
7. Why are diamonds measured in carats?   Because measuring them in carrots would be stupid
8. What do Kimball and Hammond have in common?   World famous organs…they also made keyboards. Hiyooo!
9. What is a swizzle stick?   Foreplay device or instrument of punishment, depending on where it’s inserted
10. What are chick peas?   Rumor has it that someone important in Russia has a videotape of this activity

5 thoughts on “Fibbing Friday (3/27/20)

  1. Hello yourself Robert! Good to see you, and love your answers, especially 5.
    I don’t usually theme my questions, they just come randomly to mind hopefully with answers off on a tangent.
    The Hammond and Kimball one is right about keyboards. I had a Kimball, though the ex got custody of it in the divorce (I got the car, and loan, and the dog) and my uncle’s neighbour had to sell his Hammond with the house as his music room had been built around it and they couldn’t get it out!
    Hope you are keeping well and safe.

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      1. Not a problem with the keyboard as that had a loan on it too! besides, i went back to my parents and the family piano. You can’t go to work on a piano, so the car was more practica even if they both had keysl LOL.

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