Dermalogic: Zoom Performance

Here’s the video of the staged reading of my workplace drama Dermalogic, presented by Theater for the New City’s “On the Air” series, last February 25th over Zoom. Play is in two acts and run time of video is 1 hour 55 minutes. Big thanks to John David West of TNC for hosting and Byron C. Saunders for directing, which wasn’t easy to do online with a new script and 11 actors. The cast was as is follows:

Estelle Piper as Ellen

Karen Blagmon as Kayla

Carrie Wesolowski as Mandy

Steve Capasso as Rick

Odysseus Bailer as Steve

Marlene Villafane as Monica

Rick Kuhn as Carl

Matt Matthews as Stansfield

Liam Bobersky as Brody

Cathie Boruch as Joelle

Timothy Regan as Devin

Many thanks to all the actors for having to not only perform entirely in close up but for having to deal with the technical demands of this pandemic-era style of video presentation of live theater. And since it was live there were some gaffs, but this was about giving a new script a reading by real people to see and hear how it sounds. Also, Act II begins at at the 1:01:05 mark (screen goes black for all other scene changes, and new scenes are announced by narrator). The next step is to rewrite Dermalogic and get it production ready, which I hope will be soon.

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