I Have No Internet!

A couple of weeks ago my internet began to cut out. I called my ISP, a local provider, and they detected the problem online. They contacted AT&T, but they’re only responsible for phone line (I still use DSL) up to the phone box on the building I live in, then it becomes Cruzio’s (ISP) responsibility. Also, my line goes through a rented garage unit that has limited access. It’s going to be another week before AT&T and Cruzio can fix my problem so the saga will continue.

A big part of the problem, as explained to me by Cruzio, is that AT&T has been neglecting their old copper lines, which are considered infrastructure and have to be shared with ISPs, in favor of their new fiber optic lines that they’re not required to share. It’s a perfect storm of new vs old technology, demand for corporate profitability, bureaucratic torpidity, and my own questionable life decisions that brought me to this mired situation.

On the plus side I can still publish on my site with this iPhone (thank you, Kerry).

4 thoughts on “I Have No Internet!

  1. In Australia, where one company once owned the whole shebang (Telstra), now there’s the National Broadband Network (NBN), a theoretically independent broadband network (paid for by taxpayers) that was meant to let a thousand phone and internet providers bloom. Well, it’s sort of worked, except now the NBN is going broke and there is talk of selling it to, guess who, Telstra (who would of course never dream of hogging it to the advantage of their own retail products. If you want share the pain of the whole saga you can here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Broadband_Network

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    1. Thank you. The ISP is supposed to coordinate with AT&T on when to show up and then they call me so I can tell the property manager who will then contact the renter of the garage unit where my line connects to old phone box because that’s where problem may be, so lots of hoops to jump through. 😯

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