Fibbing Friday (12/6/19)

(The latest Fibbing Friday from pesnsitivity101, a prompt in which 10 questions have to be answered untruthfully.  Since I’m naturally an honest person, this is especially challenging for me.  But I’m willing to temporarily shelve my morals in order to write this post and entertain my readers.  You’re welcome.  Link below.)

1. What makes a hyena laugh?   Brian Regan


2. What is Mrs Claus’ christian name?   Candy

3. What did little Jack Horner pull out of his pie?   His scalded member

4. Where will you find the brightest star?   Netflix

5. Which is the odd one out: feather, light, middle, heavy, dead   The :

6. What makes gas?   A convenience store hot dog that’s been sitting on the rollers for too long


7. Why do ants march  Because they’ve been so ordered by the ant generals and other leaders within the ant military industrial complex

8. What is a gaffer?   A person who goes through life spilling soup on people

9. What is a polygon?   A person who goes through life getting soup spilled on them

10.Why have all my questions begun with the letter ‘W’?   Clever use of alliteration or an attempt to control people’s minds through repetitive incantations

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