Fibbing Friday (1/22/21)

(This is my first Fibbing Friday in some time. I was busy with other projects, but it now felt like the right time to practice mendacity. This Fibbing Friday was prompted by pcguyiv and the theme appears to be British and American leaders. So much material there, but I stuck to answering the questions untruthfully without going off on any tangents. Link below.)

  1. What event took place on Wednesday, January 20th, 2021? Trash was taken out
  2. What do Joseph Biden, Warren G. Harding, and James Monroe all have in common? Belonged to the same shadowy secret society
10 Secret Societies That Run The World - YouTube
  1. What distinction does James Monroe have that no President since can claim? First President to be regularly imitated by comedians, entertainers, and the public at large, much like Nixon would be years later
  2. Why did George H. W. Bush call George W. Bush, “Quincy”? His uncanny resemblance to Jack Klugman
  1. What was historically significant about Queen Elizabeth, II’s coronation? Attacked by swarm of hornets
  2. Why did King Edward, VIII’s reign not even last a full year? Accidentally locked himself in the Tower of London and no one let him out
  3. What event happened during King George, III’s reign that changed his official title? The sequel to the Seven Years War
  4. What British figure was known as “The Iron Lady”? Benny Hill
  1. What did Joe Biden do before getting into politics? Traveling song and dance act with Cornpop
  2. What did Boris Johnson do before becoming Prime Minister? As little as possible

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