99 Word Prompt: Heard It On The Radio

(Another Flash Fiction piece prompted by Carrot Ranch. The prompt is about something you heard on the radio. In this visual internet age, the radio doesn’t have the popularity it once did, but it still retains its own particular magic. Turn on a switch, spin a dial, and you can hear music that travels across Earth bound radio waves without need of a satellite. This piece was based on a conversation I had with a younger coworker when George Harrison’s Living In the Material World came over KPIG, a radio station based in Freedom, CA, and one of the few that still had DJs. It led to a discussion about music and how it can transcend through time and generations. I like to think we both learned something. Link below.)

“So who’s singing?”

“George Harrison.”


“From The Beatles. You’ve heard of them, right?”

“Of course, I’m just not familiar with this song.”

“Well it was before your time. I was rather young myself back then.”

“Remember when it came out?”

“Yes, but I didn’t appreciate it then.”

“Didn’t Madonna also sing this song?”

“Similar title, but completely different song.”

“So what’s this one about?”

“Basically it’s about living in this physical world the best you can by finding strength and guidance from the spiritual realm.”

“Sounds New Agey.”

“Kind of is.”

“Nice sounding tune though.”

“Yes, positively beautiful.”

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