Fibbing Friday (9/10/21)

(I normally don’t do two Fibbing Fridays in a row, but when I saw that the prompt for this FF was James Bond, I knew I had to give it a try. This weekly liefest was prompted by pensitivity101, link below.

  1. What is usually shaken and not stirred? California

2. Who was Dr. No? Mr. Yes’ less responsible but more fun alter ego

3. What is a Thunderball? Bowling ball wired with explosives

4. Who sang ‘For Your Eyes Only?’ Pavorotti

Pavarotti Movie Review

5. What does ‘M’ stand for? Mediocre

6. What snack did β€˜Q’ almost lose when showing off one of his latest gadgets? Funyuns

7. What was sent from Russia with Love? The Red Army

How the Red Army liberated Europe during WWII (PHOTOS) - Russia Beyond

8. What scares the living daylights out of you? The meaningless of existence

9. What does a Moonraker do? Increases the burden on the taxpayers

10. What is You Only Live Twice about? Lazarus

Β©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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