99 Word Prompt: White Flowers


The man stopped when he came across a pleasant sight of white flowers arrayed in front of him.  He wistfully contemplated the field of new growth.  The beautiful daisy, he sighed to himself, Bellis perennis if memory serves me.  He looked across the many bright yellow dots surrounded by snow white petals atop thin green stems and silently thanked Mother Nature for providing him with such a lovely site.  It’s like a…carpet of prettiness, he beheld, a gift from the natural world for all the world to enjoy.

He then restarted his mower and chopped them all down.

17 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: White Flowers

  1. I do the mowing and my husband always asks that I mow around the daisies that come up in our lawn. But we are talking two different plants. B. perennis is the English, or lawn daisy, mine are Chrysanthemum, a taller plant. Both common and beautiful.

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  2. The twist is awesome! Great writing style – very accessible. Seems we both went with humor. Something about Christmastime that turns me back into a kid. Zander

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  3. I love this perspective. This piece prompted me to again take in my own view: Two acres of yellow flowers. My weeds are not nearly so beautiful as white daisies, but they are a flower carpet nonetheless, and striking in their resilience. So tall now, but my mower won’t start. I hope it’s fixed soon!

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  4. That was brutal. And, like your previous short stories, so unexpected that I’m not sure how many people would understand how much it says about human nature and its dark side. Or let’s just call it “man’s selfish nature.”

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