99 Word Prompt: Winners

(A 99 word flash fiction piece for the Carrot Ranch flash fiction challenge.  The prompt: winning.  I didn’t have winning on my mind after the way my Raiders lost last Sunday to the hated rival Chiefs in Kansas City, so I decided to approach the prompt through the route of delusion.  At least they’re better than they were last season.)

November 28: Flash Fiction Challenge

“Carr takes the snap, fades back,” the fan said as he watched the TV intently.  “He scrambles, looks for Waller downfield, but he’s double covered.  He tosses it to Jacobs, and he breaks through the line!  He’s at the thirty!  The twenty!  The fifteen!  He dodges around the Chief’s secondary!  Touchdown Josh Jacobs!” he screamed as he raised his arms.  “Raiders win!”

His wife and daughter came home.  His daughter looked upon the scene curiously.  “Why is Daddy staring at the TV even though it’s off?”

“Let him have this one,” his wife said  “Daddy’s team lost badly today.”

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