99 Word Prompt: Hometown

(Flash fiction piece prompted by carrot ranch, the theme of this one is hometown, which stirs up lots of memories in most people. Do still live in your hometown? Did you move away? Or maybe you’re someone who moved around a lot growing up? My hometown is a big American city, but I focused on my old neighborhood. Link below.)


“Where’s the old UA Cinema?”

“Closed about twenty years ago.”

“Too bad, saw a lot of cheap movies there.”

“We sure did. Now it’s a church.”

“Really. How about Grocery Village?”

“It’s now some place that sells deck chairs and barbecues.”

“So where do people buy food, the Safeway down the street?”

“That Safeway moved a mile north into a bigger location.”

“On the last patch of open land?”


“So what’s left?”

“Not much, but it’ll always be our hometown, even though it doesn’t much resemble what it was.”

“Time marched on… but at least we have memories.”

Β©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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