99 Word Prompt: Tapping

(A 99 word flash fiction piece prompted by Carrot Ranch.  Tap has a number of meanings, and I attempted to use as many as I could without it seeming ridiculous.  Link below.)

March 12: Flash Fiction Challenge

“Got anything new on tap?”

“We have a brand stout, I’ll pour you one.”  The bartender placed a glass under the tap and pressed the handle, but only suds came out.  “Looks tapped out, I’ll change kegs.”

“I’ll wait,” the customer said, then someone tapped him on the shoulder.

“You should see this act,” the second customer suggested as he pointed to the stage.

The first customer looked at the stage and watched the entertainment.  He tapped his feet to the music which was accompanying a tap dancer.  At a nearby cemetery, he could hear a trumpet playing taps.


©2020 Robert Kirkendall