99 Word Prompt: First Flight

(A Carrot Ranch flash fiction challenge. For the theme of first flight I chose a bird I see around town on occasion, the peregrine falcon. For years their numbers declined largely because of the use of DDT. Since the banning of DDT and conservation efforts, the peregrine started making a comeback, of which the falcon chick in this story is a metaphor. Link below.)

August 13: Flash Fiction Challenge

The young peregrine falcon chick stood from its perch high up on a cliff face. It looked down at the deep gorge below and the immense sky above. A little more than six weeks after it hatched it prepared to take its first flight. Its mother and father stood around expectantly.

For years its brethren had declined in numbers, but recently had started making a comeback. The young raptor looked across the great open expanse. It took the same first step to the edge its ancestors had been doing for eons. It leapt, spread its wings, and was airborne.



©2020 Robert Kirkendall

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