99 Word Prompt: Property Values

May 17: Flash Fiction Challenge

“And if you look here,” the real estate agent said, “you’ll see that the fire damage didn’t destroy the entire kitchen.”

“Well that’s good,” said the husband.

“A fixer upper!” his wife added optimistically.

“Can we see the master bedroom?” the husband asked.

“Sorry, can’t do that,” the agent replied.Β  “The ceiling caved in.”

“What’s that stench?” the wife asked as she averted her nose.

“Oh, that’s a pile of burning outhouses in the backyard.

“So how much?” the husband asked.

“1.2 million dollars.”

“Wow!” the husband responded.

I’ll say!” the wife agreed excitedly.Β  “A real bargain for Silicon Valley!”

11 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: Property Values

      1. My older brother found an ad of the house where we grew up in south San Jose, my parents bought it for $29,500 back in 1971 with only my dad’s paycheck, it’s now being offered for 1.1 million. Damn, that is serious inflation!

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      2. Oh my gosh! Wow. I was just having this same conversation with some friends here who own a beautiful house on Blythe Island….so out in the boondocks and isolated. When they bought their very large, river front plot in the 60s, it was 16,000. They go now for 150,000!

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