Fibbing Friday (1/17/20)

(Another entry into the Fibbing Friday derby of deception, posted by pensitivity101, today’s theme: dogs.  Dogs are a paradoxical subject for lying because they are so sincere and guileless.  This makes coming up with funny answers a challenge, but if only one of my false answers is funny, then I’ve done my job.  Link below.)

1. What’s the difference between a hair and a whisker?   One is easier to remove when it lands in your soup
2. How many spots were there in 101 Dalmations?   1,356…give or take 1,300
3. What is the Flying Dog?   An old amusement park ride that had to be shut down because too many people were flying off of it and crashing into the freak show tent
4. Why do we say ‘sick as a dog?’   Makes no sense, should be sick as a cat because those villainous felines are always throwing up onto freshly vacuumed living room floors
5. What is meant by ‘going to the dogs’?   When everybody at a party are so drunk that they can no longer stand upright and are reduced to crawling around on all fours drunk
6. Who or what is ‘Goofy?’   A diminutive term for a goofball, which is slang for a downer, which is vernacular for benzodiazepine, which is the generic name for Valium, which are barbiturates…Goofy has many layers
7. Where is the Dog Star?   Relieving itself on the fire hydrant constellation
8. Where will you find puppies on a roll?   Blackjack table
9. What are hush puppies?   A mispronunciation of hash pappies, a collection of Humboldt County stay home dads/growers
10. What is the hair of the dog?   Irish coffee, hold the coffee

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