99 Word Prompt: The Old Photograph

(Another Carrot Ranch prompted 99 word flash fiction story. The subject of this prompt is old photographs, which is something that touches most if not all people. They’re reminders of our past, our family history, and give our own lives dimension. Link below.)


“Who are these people?”

Father looked at the old photograph. “Remember your great grandmother?”

“Yeah, I remember. She was still around when I was in elementary school.”

“Well this is her as a young woman, with your great grandfather and their family.”

“Wow, she looks so young.”

“Kind of surprising, isn’t it, son.”

“Sure is. I only knew her when she was old.”

“But with age comes wisdom, and she had plenty of that. Someday you’ll be old, maybe even a great grandfather.”

“What will I do until then?”

Father thought for a moment. “Enjoy each and every day.”

©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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