99 Word Prompt: Film Festival

(This latest prompt from carrot ranch couldn’t be more timely for me as will become evident in the story. Link to prompt below.)

The writer was checking his emails then saw one from a film festival competition where he had submitted a screenplay. Probably just another rejection, he thought, bad news can wait.

He scrolled down the list of other emails, but the one from the film festival kept gnawing at him and he he couldn’t wait anymore. He went back to the film festival email, opened it, and was surprised to see that his screenplay, a comedy about a man trying to escape Santa Cruz, had moved onto the next round in the competition. Wow, he thought, good news for once.


(Yes, my screenplay Leaving Paradise has moved up to the finalist round in the EdiPlay International Film Festival. There are two more rounds to go and no guarantee that my screenplay will move on, but I’ll take my victories where I can.)

©2021 Robert Kirkendall

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