New Bicycle!

Yes, I now have a new pair of wheels for getting around town, and all thanks to a co-worker and her generous husband! He had upgraded to a newer mountain bike and his old bike was just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Then my co-worker, who had listened to me kvetch about needing a new bike, brought it into work one day and let me have it! I was highly appreciative.

My new ride is a Giant Sedona ST mountain bike, an 18 speed with a hard front fork (no shock absorbers), a very durable bike which is perfect for all the riding I do. It also has a rear rack so I was able to affix a collapsible wire basket for all my shopping needs. And the extra gears are necessary for riding the many hills around here in the Santa Cruz area.

My old ’65 green Schwinn 10 speed needed another rear wheel after the chain jumped the sprocket and broke some spokes on the old rear wheel, which itself was a replacement of the stock wheel. The bill came out to $197 and change, and I’m going to sell it as soon as I get it back. Anyone reading this post want to buy it?

Since I currently don’t have an automobile, bicycle and mass transit are my only methods of getting around, so this bike landing in my hands after a week having to walk everywhere was very fortuitous. I just had new brake pads installed on it yesterday and I replaced the quick release seat post lock with a screw on lock so the seat can’t get stolen (that’s happened to me before). It also has knobby tires for dirt riding for when I want to get off the pavement. With my new transportation I feel whole again.

Christmas came early!


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