Does Writing Affect Moods?

Ever since I began this writing journey some 30 years ago I've sometimes wondered about its psychological effects on the writer, but I've been thinking about it more lately during the latest round of rewriting for my novel Redwood Summer. I came to the most difficult part to write, the chapter in which the two … Continue reading Does Writing Affect Moods?

First Day Of Making My Short Movie

On April 28th I shot the first scenes for my short movie Sunset Memories, which I'm going to chalk up as a learning experience. I wanted to begin shooting last January but then we got deluged by multiple atmospheric rivers which put off shooting for a long time. Once we entered spring and the weather … Continue reading First Day Of Making My Short Movie

Book Recommendation: Teaching On Borrowed Time

I just read the memoir Teaching On Borrowed Time by Laurence C. Schwartz, an adjunct at Mercy College in New York City where he teaches speech, and the director of one of my stage plays. It's a journey of a struggling actor who fell into teaching because it was preferable to waiting tables, and chronicles … Continue reading Book Recommendation: Teaching On Borrowed Time

RIP Al Jaffee

I was a regular consumer of Mad Magazine when I was young and impressionable so when I found out about the passing of legendary Mad illustrator and writer Al Jaffee at the age of 102 I was saddened by his death but also happy that he had such a long and productive life. I loved … Continue reading RIP Al Jaffee

Attempting Iambic Pentameter

I'm writing a new short script for a theater company that's looking for classically written plays. My approach is to rewrite Shakespeare's Twelfth Night into a truncated, eight page (guideline length) play that hits on all the main plot points from the original work in an updated setting but is still written with elevated, classical … Continue reading Attempting Iambic Pentameter

The Storm Of January ’23

The year 2023 has begun with an atmospheric river slamming the California coast which lead to flooding, mudslides, structural damages, injury, and loss of life. In between these torrents I bicycled around the Santa Cruz area to see the aftermaths. It's like nothing I've ever seen before, and there are more storms on the way … Continue reading The Storm Of January ’23

Writing Goals For 2023

First, I'd like to look back on 2022 and give thanks for seeing three of my plays performed Off-Off-Broadway in New York City, two as stage productions and one as a staged reading. Poster for four one act plays performed by Manhattan Repertory Theatre on April 2-3 at the Chain Theatre, including my one act … Continue reading Writing Goals For 2023

Trip To New York, Part IV

Monday April 4th, the day I was scheduled to fly back to San Jose via Texas. My flight to depart Newark Liberty International Airport was scheduled to leave at 8:15PM which gave me one last opportunity to visit Manhattan before heading back home. If nothing else I wanted to try another slice of New York … Continue reading Trip To New York, Part IV

Trip To New York, Part III

Saturday April 2nd, the day of the show! Nan wasn't home so I had a figure out a way to get to the train station. She gave me a couple of numbers of local taxi companies but they were out of business. After trying a few more that didn't come out to Sayreville I decided … Continue reading Trip To New York, Part III