Shakespearean Beer Brands

I get a steady amount of visits on my Shakespearean Porn Titles post, I imagine because it combines two things everybody likes; archaic, stilted language and pornography. Given all this attention I thought I’d carry the Bard theme over to brands of beer. Here’s 10 Shakesbeerean brands, feel free to add more in the comments.

1. The Winter’s Ale

2. Love’s Lager Lost

3. Much a Brew About Nothing

4. The Two Gentlemen of Corona

5. Puck’s Blue Ribbon

6. IPA (Iago Pale Ale)

7. Rosenschlitz & Guildenstein Are Dead

8. Stout, Damned Spot!

9. Et Tu, Brew Te?

10. Alas! Pour, Yorick!

©️2023 Robert Kirkendall

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