A Silent Wound: A Poem

(I have not written a poem in years, but I used to write poems back in the ’90s and read them at poetry slams and open readings.  My poetry is different than my prose and dramatic writings because once I write a poem I do not rewrite it, making my poetry, though imperfect, as close to pure expression as I can possibly get.)

January 18, 2017

A silent wound

That festers

Planted long ago

Buried by time


Expecting it to leave

But is almost impossible

To unearth

The pain that was shelved

Continued to prick

And an old memory

Comes back to haunt

8 thoughts on “A Silent Wound: A Poem

    1. What happened was that years ago I tried to rewrite a poem I had written, and I ended up butchering it. So unlike my prose and drama, which I rewrite endlessly, I learned that my poetry is a verbal snapshot of where my mind and spirit are at when I set down to write the poem.

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