Fibbing Friday (1/24/20)

(More Fibbing Friday, and this one is about cats (last one was about dogs, so equal time).  Though I’m not a good liar, cats are excellent at sneakiness and deception, which helped me write my untruthful answers.  Link to original post below.)

  1. Why did ancient Egyptians worship cats?   Hypnosis
  2. Why is it said that cats have nine lives?   A misunderstanding, cats actually have nine wives, they were the first polygamists
  3. Why are cats afraid of cucumbers?   Cucumbers used to be force fed onto cats to get them off the catnip
  4. Why do cat eyes seem to glow in the dark?   They’re nature’s flashlights
  5. Why do cats have retractable claws?   Convenience
  6. Why do we train cats to use a litter box, but train dogs to go outside?   Due to a strange fetish among the first cat owners
  7. Why do cats purr?   To lull people into a false sense of security before they attack
  8. Why are black cats considered bad luck?   Bigotry
  9. What is the musical, Cats about?   No one knows
  10. What’s the big deal about Dick Whittington’s cat?   First cat to sit on the British House of Lords…the House of Commons is for the dogs

And for extra credit, read my short play that was inspired by the antics of the tuxedo cat in the above featured  picture. Ailurophobia – A 10 Minute Play

©2020 Robert Kirkendall

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