99 Word Prompt: Protest

(A 99 word flash fiction piece prompted by CarrotRanch, and the theme of this one is protest.  Protests can be unsettling and controversial, but they’re also one of the cornerstones of free speech and democracy, as well as a method of raising public awareness of important issues.  However this flash fiction piece is just silly entertainment and contains nothing controversial or topical.  Link below to prompt.)

January 16: Flash Fiction Challenge

Marchers approached the front gate.  “We protest your cruel and unjust treatment of our people!” one of them announced.

A spokesperson addressed the crowd.  “We protest your false accusations of unfair treatment!”

“Well we protest your protestations of our initial protest, which is the real false accusation, and further evidence of your autocracy!”

“And we protest your protest against our protest of your first protest, which we maintain is pointless, proletariat hysteria!”

“Oh yeah?  We protest your protesting of our protest against your protest of our first protest…”  Confused, he turned to another marcher.  “What are we protesting again?”


©2020 Robert Kirkendall

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