Fibbing Friday (10/25/19)

This is a prompt from pensitivity101, 10 questions that have to be answered untruthfully. Go to the link below to see the prompt, and join in if you feel so inspired, or if you’re just really good at lying.

The questions, and answers:

1. What makes squash?  Mommy and daddy squash
2. How would you describe ‘hen pecked’?  Esteemed
3. What’s a tuffet?  13th century torture device
4. What would you do with a flump?  Obliterate the space/time continuum
5. Why was the mate plucking pheasants?  Couldn’t find his guitar
6. What are minis, midis, and maxis?  Strange breakfast cereal shapes
7. What would you find if you went down to the woods today?  A hobo army
8. What’s a titfer?  No one knows
9. Why are fire engines red?  Looks cool
10. What’s green and goes round and round?  The vomit spewing from Linda Blair in The Exorcist

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