Posting Because I Haven’t Posted Lately

Hi all.  I’ve been so busy on other writing projects that I realized I’ve been neglecting my website like a delinquent parent.  The shame!  So naturally I decided to write this post so I don’t fall behind in the massive clutter that is cyberspace.

What has happened in my life?  Not much, just enduring the pandemic like everyone else, but still working fortunately because we sell our product to hospitals.  Funny story about work, yesterday a truck was supposed to show up at 3PM to pick up a freight shipment, but it never showed up, and I accidentally hurt myself trying to get the pallet back into the warehouse.  Hilarious!

It’s been sunny here lately, but with enough breeze to keep things cool, perfect weather.  Usually at this time of year Santa Cruz is inundated with out of towners, but right now the beach parking spaces are closed and there are noticeably fewer people around.  On one hand it’s detrimental for a local economy that relies on tourism, but it’s also nice to bicycle around on less crowded streets and see only local people.

The times are a changing, and I continue to attempt to grasp the entirety of all that is going on, where it came from, and where it’s leading.  Later, when I understand it better and all its implications, I’ll comment on it longer in a future post.  Just taking it all in right now.

So why the featured image of the new BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) map?  In the lower right corner there are two new stops that are scheduled to open next month, and they are the first two stations in Santa Clara County…finally!  BART was first planned in the late 1950s, built during the 1960’s, opened around 1970, and serves five other Bay Area counties, all of which have a smaller population than Santa Clara County.  SC County didn’t start paying into BART until 1998, but still, that’s a long wait.  Anyhow, the South Bay where I grew up is finally connected to the Bay Area mass transit system, and if you look again at the map you’ll see three more proposed stations in San Jose where the train will run through a tunnel below downtown and pop up above ground by Santa Clara University.  Can’t wait.

All the best to everyone.  Until next time…


©2020 Robert Kirkendall

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