99 Word Prompt: Chisel

March 14: Flash Fiction Challenge

“Go up and talk to them,” Sean coerced.

“I don’t know.”  Andy looked at the cluster of women at the other side of the bar.  “None of them have been giving any signs.”

“What do you want, a green light?” Drew asked.

“Or an Evite?” Rich laughed.

“Well,” Andy hesitated.

“Just talk to them!”  Sean pushed Andy toward the women.

He approached them cautiously.  They looked at him.  “Hi, I’m…”  Andy was immediately pushed aside by all his friends as they swooped upon the circle of women and shut him out.

“Happens every time,” Andy lamented.  “Always chiseling in!”


(This post is also tied in to the Andrew Chronicles short stories, tales of a comedic victim.  Here are the links to previous two stories: https://robertkirkendall.com/2015/07/23/diridon-station/  and  https://robertkirkendall.com/2017/02/24/power-play/)



©2019 Robert Kirkendall

6 thoughts on “99 Word Prompt: Chisel

    1. Thank you! I don’t know if the phrase ‘chiseling in’ is used anymore, but I wanted to write a different take on the prompt. A photo or image adds to your post, and makes it more visible.


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