Fibbing Friday (9/2/22)

(I’ve returned to Fibbing Friday! Mendacity and delusion continue to haunt us so now’s the time to revisit this forum dedicated to deception. No theme for the 10 questions, but that’s okay, I can lie whether the lies are uniform or separate. Link below to original post, from pensitivity101.)

1. What is a bandana? A collection of musical bananas

2. What is a rum baba? Raoul Duke’s drink of choice

3. What is a marinade? An irritating nickname for a resident of Marin County, California

4. What is an asset? A petite ass

5. Who was Apollo? Rocky Balboa’s toughest opponent

6. What is meant by BYOB? Berserk Yokels of Bayonne

7. What is a pekingese? Former name of a Beijingese

8. What is a crockpot? What a crackpot is called in England

9. What is meant by upbeat? It’s the opposite of beat up

10. What does it mean to recycle? To get back on your bike and ride after a minor, little accident

Feels good to lie again here on Fibbing Friday…honest!

©️2022 Robert Kirkendall

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