Anyone Else Annoyed By New WordPress Layout?

Once again WordPress has made changes to its site and once again I have to learn a new set of rules for writing posts and managing the dashboard. Why do they keep making these changes? Is there a groundswell for new rules that confuse WordPress users who are still learning the old rules?

For instance, on the old WordPress site there was an icon for special characters. Now it’s gone, so if I need a special character I either have to copy from an old post or import one if I can. A small thing, but a very annoying and and unnecessary step. Did they get rid of anything else that I might need later?

Also, when I was adding new posts to my menu, I could go to the dashboard then click and drag the new post to its spot on the menu. Now I have to tediously and manually inch up the new post onto menu past all the other posts. And I can no longer edit the menu heading, which I need to do to give a brief description of each post. How is this an improvement?

And who’s the blockhead who came up with block writing? It complicates my otherwise streamlined process by breaking my single text into a bunch of mini-texts that need to be stitched together like a quilt.

Anyways, thanks for listening to this rant. At least my internet is working again.

15 thoughts on “Anyone Else Annoyed By New WordPress Layout?

  1. It is so frustrating when they keep changing things! They should give us a choice of the old familiar way and for those who want to try the new way. I’m still using the classic. I tried the block and hated it.

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  2. I agree! I’ve been switching back to classic editor manually with each post. But recently they’ve been adding a note when I do that that they are going to phase out classic completely. Not looking forward to that day!

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  3. Yes the Block Editor is awful. It’s gone from a friendly user site to something that isn’t, and yes they can’t seem to stop making constant changes. I’m still wondering about going to another blog hosting site.

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  4. Very frustrating! I’ve somewhat gotten used to the new dashboard…until I forget and click out and well, then I remember and have to start anew. It doesn’t help much that I have a new computer, with a smaller keyboard, hitting buttons that I don’t mean to.
    Ah…well…such is progress, right?

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